1. manifesto

    We sell design for your bike. Customize your ride with artwork created by some of the most talented designers and illustrators in the industry, without having to throw down for a whole new paint job.

    Our products use an advanced production process where dry ink is bonded to the bike’s surface. Think of it as your own DIY powder coat. This method is superior to typical decals in every way—the colors are brighter, application is easy, and the durability blows away the wear and tear of standard stickers.

  2. about asterisk

    We pronounce it ass-ter-rick, but go ahead and say it however you want. As in, you better asterisk somebody. We chose the Asterisk because it’s a well-known, universal icon, but also an indication of something special.

    We focus on quality over quantity. In fact, our graphics are limited release runs. That means each design will only be available for a finite amount of time. Something this special just can’t be done en masse.

    If you would like to purchase one of our current designs, send us an inquiry and we will reply with easy and secure online payment instructions.

  3. how it works

    Applying your Asterisk graphics works more like what you’d do with temporary tattoos than slapping on one big sticker. The designs can be applied just as they’re laid out, or you’re free to rearrange the designs and apply however you wish. Our decals work with almost every material out there—paint, bare metal, carbon fiber—but may not be compatible with some powder coats.

  4. quality

    Unlike traditional one-piece decals and stickers, Asterisk graphics won’t become useless after minor scrapes or upturned edges. This kind of quality and durability usually requires a chemical solvent for application, and a costly trip to a professional paint shop. Asterisk decals are easy to put on your bike, and can be removed if you want to change things up somewhere down the road.

  5. green pitch

    We aim to change the painful images of sponsorship and spandex people tend to recall when thinking of the bike community, and address important sustainability and urban planning issues in the process. More style and less wonk equals more people on bikes. More bikes means less pollution and higher quality of life.